The Services I Offer

Websites and E-Commerce.
I will work with you to develop an online strategy that will help evolve and move your business forward. I’ve been creating dynamic, visually driven websites for clients in various industries since 2006.
Responsive Web Design Solutions.
I'll help ensure that your site can be accessed and easily navigated by all of your customers, all of the time, on any device. I will build you a site that will respond to any screen size it encounters and alter itself to fit it's new home like a glove. Mobile web traffic is quickly on it's way to surpassing traditional traffic and it's becoming increasingly more important to make sure your business has the right foot forward in the mobile marketplace.
I will give your business a clean, modern look, both on the front-end through design and on the back-end by employing modern web standards and technologies. I can turn that clunky old Flash or HTML4 site into a slick, modern, HTML5, CSS3 driven work of art.
Social Media.
I firmly believe in both the importance of social media as well as the importance of not relying on it as your sole source of online customer outreach. Your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc, should work in unison with one another and ultimately all be extensions of your brand. In essence, the website should look and feel like the business, your Twitter page should look and feel like your website and so on. I will help guide you through the process and ensure that your business has a cohesive online presence.
Wordpress Custom Theme Development.
Having once been a simple platform for blogging, WordPress has become a well featured and robust content management system (CMS). WordPress is a perfect solution for businesses who are looking to have a more active role in managing their online content. I will build you a custom theme specifically tailored to your company's needs and design esthetic.
Technology and Brand Consulting.
The internet is a vast and confusing place, couple that with technology that changes daily and you have yourself a very confusing situation. It's our job to keep up with it all and help guide you through the jungle unscathed. I can help you determine which technologies are worth worrying about and how to best manage your brand across all the platforms, devices and apps.
The List Goes On.
Print design - business cards, letterhead, custom holiday cards. Photography. Copywriting - Copy polishing. SEO. Domain registration and site hosting.

About Dave


It's Me, Dave Carey
Artist Rendering by Friend and Client, Jason Mascow
I love what I do.
I care a great deal about the final product.
I don't do it for the money, but I do do it for a living.
I work on a Mac and talk on an iPhone, but once wrote a strongly worded open letter to Steve Jobs R.I.P.
I hail from Pelham, New Hampshire.
I graduated with a degree in Film from Emerson College, Boston.
I worked for the Scott brothers' - Ridley & Tony R.I.P. - for a while.
I like to travel, read, hangout with my family, watch movies, take photos and listen to music - not necessarily in that order.
I work out of my home office in Whittier, CA about 12 mile SE of downtown Los Angeles.
I'm a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Twain, My Morning Jacket, William Eggleston, Andrew Wyeth...
I believe in balance, symmetry and equality.
I have a beautiful and intelligent wife who is a professor at CalState Long Beach, an amazing and rambunctious little boy named Holden, and three insane cats who do their best to slow work to a halt each day.