A Few Questions We've Been Asked Over the Years

Q:How much do websites cost?
A:This is by far the most frequently asked question and by far the most difficult to answer. The quick answer is this: Most of the sites I build come in above $1000 and below $3500.
Q:What do you specialize in?
A:I specialize in web-based sites and applications for small to mid sized businesses or creative start-ups. As of late I've been converting a lot of sites from Flash to HTML5, while maintaining some of the fun that Flash provided.
Q:Will my website work on an iPhone? What about an iPad or a Droid or a... ?
Q:Can you give us a ballpark estimate over the phone?
A:No. It's not necessary to meet in person in order to draw up a quote, but a detailed creative/technical conversation is needed in order to do so. I do not give verbal ballpark quotes over the phone.
Q:Do I have to be located in the Whittier/Los Angeles area to work with you?
A:No. It's quite possible to handle all business over the phone and email. I have clients all over the US and the world - Dubai, England, Canada, New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Montana...
Q:How long does it take to build a website?
A:This too is difficult to answer because it depends so heavily on the size of the job, but the average site I build usually takes around 4 to 8 weeks.
Q:What do you need from us?
A:The content: Text, Photos, Video, etc. This is an important point. I like to 'design around' the content, as it's the most important element, and therefore I ask that a client has a fairly firm idea of what content the site will house before I begin the process.
Q:How do you charge?
A:I charge a flat fee for the initial design and development of the project, and an hourly fee for any updates under 6 hours once the project is complete and live.
Q:When do we pay you?
A:I bill 1/3rd the total flat fee up-front, 1/3rd after halfway through the agreed upon production schedule and the remaining balance upon final approval of the site.
Q:What does that 1/3rd down get us?
A:It pays for the initial creative designs and mock-ups.
Q:Can I update the site myself?
A:It really depends on the type of content and your confidence behind the wheel, but most of the time, yes. WordPress has a very robust and user-friendly content management system (CMS) that most folks feel comfortable using and I also work with a great 3rd party CMS system for sites not built in WordPress.
Q:I have a website already but need someone to maintain it. Can you do that?
A:Possibly, call me, let's talk about it.
Q:Do you also host websites?
A:Yes, but only sites for current/active clients.
Q:Do you offer computer tech support?
A:No. Please don't ask us to fix your computer or set-up your email.
Q:I don't have a website. What do I need to do before building one?
A:The three most important things are registering for a domain name, i.e.,, finding a server to host your site - I can help with both of those things - and last but by far from least, having your content and ideas ready and prepared.